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Commercial and Industrial Services

DBC prides itself on providing a multitude of diverse mechanical services, from highly complex industrial projects, such as Power Plants and Oil Refineries, to commercial projects, consisting of Hospitals/Medical Facilities, Schools, Large Office Buildings and Service.

DBC's people, their experience and expertise, as well as total commitment to customer satisfaction are why we have been in business for over one hundred years.

Industrial Services

  • Oil Refineries
  • Power Plants
  • Chemical Plants
  • Pulp and Paper

Our Industrial Division is supported by a state of the art Fabrication Facility, which provides outstanding, highly specialized welding capabilities. Having immediate accessibility to this support system provides DBC a distinct advantage over other companies when it comes to completing even the most complex projects on time and within budget.

Commercial Services

  • Hospitals/Medical Labs
  • Office/Retail Buildings
  • Educational Facilities

DBC owes its success in the commercial arena to the experience and excellence of its craft and staff. Our project managers have the ability to efficiently control and run the projects, while our field crews are the best in the industry at coordinating and executing projects.

DBC takes the lead in conceptually creating solutions for a specific type of building. We produce a design that's going to be economically feasible tot meet the program and intent of the building.

The quality of our work, combined with the organizational skills of our staff, gives us the ability to consistently live up to the outstanding reputation we have developed in the field of commercial construction.