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Safety Practices and Philosophy

Safety Program Overview

At Diamond B Constructors, safety is a partnership between workers and management. Safety can't be mandated, it must be a part of the work culture, a "Safety Culture". Everyone wants to go home from work in one piece but can be misguided into taking risks by perceptions of pressure to produce. Every employee is responsible for working safely and while production is important it cannot supercede safety.

The primary responsibility for implementation of our safety program belongs to our Field Supervisors. To assist them we have an extensive and comprehensive safety manual that is continually updated to reflect changes in OSHA and State regulations. The manual includes site-specific information that is tailored to meet client requirements and special safety considerations for individual projects. On larger projects we assign Field Safety Personnel to support Supervisors by providing advice, assistance and training. We believe that all injuries can be prevented and promote a company wide safety culture. Briefly detailed below is the DBC process of safety.

Training - The first step in attaining a zero injury safety culture is a thorough job specific orientation and training of every employee. All new DBC employees receive orientation to the company and the specific project on which they will be working. Specialized safety training is conducted to cover unique issues such as excavations or confined space entry. Training is documented with records available upon request.

Hazard Analysis - Every task must be assessed for hazards and the hazards must be controlled. DBC crews conduct daily Pre-Job meetings to develop action plans for getting the job done injury free. These meetings are conducted and documented on all job sites whether required by contract or not. Additionally, when a job plan changes due to unforeseen circumstances a new action plan is developed with input from crewmembers. Pre-Job meetings and planning don't require much time; the goal is to encourage discussion and personal safety awareness. Pre-Job meetings foster awareness and are an integral part of the DBC safety culture.

Safety Audits - DBC supervision conducts routine unscheduled, unannounced audits of every project. Audits are conducted weekly at a minimum and more frequently as need warrants. Although supervision is assigned the responsibility for conducting safety audits we also encourage the crafts to participate.

Accident Reporting - A common misconception in some safety cultures is that if there are no injuries that a job has been "Accident Free". If a worker slips and falls but is not injured an accident has still occurred. When a tool is dropped from height but doesn't strike anyone or damage anything, an accident has still occurred. DBC safety policy emphasizes accident reporting whether or not there has been an injury. Injury free accidents that go un-reported are in essence "Practice" for an injury accident. Incident reports are a free lesson that illustrate where safety hazards lie.

Our commitment to safety is evident in our performance history. Year after year Diamond B has completed large capitol projects while adhering to our principals of blending quality craftsmanship and a safety culture that sends our people home the way they came to work. If the same principals govern your projects we would be an excellent match.