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Over 104 Years of Service

Diamond B Constructors, INC. (DBC) has come a long way from selling wood scraps for home heating and cooking. But perhaps that's not surprising, given that the roots of the Bellingham company date back to 1909.

Old panorama photo - fuel trucks at business.

DBC, now one of the leading mechanical contractors in Washington, is celebrating its 104th anniversary this year.

The company employs approximately 250 people year-round. Located near Bellingham International Airport, the DBC complex includes a 15,000-square-foot building for structural and HVAC fabrication and a 12,000-square-foot facility for pipe fabrication. DBC typically completes about 150 projects per year.

Old photo  fuel truck.

DBC started in what is now the 1900 block of Franklin Street as the fuel department of Bloedel Donovan Lumber Co. Scraps from its mill were delivered to local residences in horse-drawn wagons for cooking and heating. The company name that was adopted in 1943 dates back to its origins, when the Bloedel Donovan lumber brand was a "B" inside a diamond.

The company evolved with time. The fuel it sold changed to coal, then oil. DBC then started installing heating equipment and soon developed into a complete plumbing and heating company serving homes, schools and public buildings. The projects grew more complex and DBC began focusing on the commercial and industrial construction industry.

Old photo - fuel truck loaded with wood.

Four generations of the Johansen family have contributed to the leadership of DBC. Paul H. Johansen started with the company in 1925 and became a co-owner of DBC Fuel. Paul A. Johansen launched the piping side of the business upon returning from active military duty in 1946. The current president and owner, Paul S. Johansen, joined DBC in 1962.

Another longstanding member of DBC's leadership team is Pete Chapman, who started with the company in 1993 and now serves as its senior vice president and general manager.

Paul S. Johansen attributes the growth and success of the company to all those who have worked with him and contributed so much to the business. "Without the dedication to quality and hard work of so many qualified people, the company's growth and longevity would not have been possible."

DBC's recent projects include schools, hospitals, refineries, treatment plants and power-generation plants throughout the western United States, including:

"We take great pride in our company; the success of our operation is due to the efforts and dedication of our talented people who are the heart of our firm." - Paul S. Johansen, President.